Saturday, January 5, 2008

SEAN MAY returns to the Bobcats

CHARLOTTE, NC - Sean May returned to the Charlotte Bobcats last night -
as their official Ball Boy for the 2008 Season.

May, a 13th overall draft pick of the Bobcats, has played 58 games in his three year career. He had season ending knee surgery last month and is glad to be back.

"Beats sitting at home, watching Arsenio Hall," an ecstatic Sean May stated as he adjusts his Steve Maddens.

The team is being cautious with Sean at the Ball Boy position because they fear he can re-injure himself going for loose balls.

"With Sean, your always on pins and needles and I dont mean that literally," states an eastern conference scout who works for the Bobcats.

Coach Sam Vincent was glad to have him back, "Hopefully the team can match his energy going for loose balls,"

"But we are going to be cautious with Sean as he gain some weight
from his injuries, and this will be good for him to go out there and move a bit, nut up, and grab these balls instead."

When asked if he knew Sean was on the roster, Vincent at first denied comment but added "You know, I saw him at McDonald's and he came up to me and said he plays for the Bobcats and I had no idea he was talking about my team. I'll leave it at that"

Bobcats GM Michael Jordan was overall happy with Sean's return, "He is an employee of the company, we pay him millions, we got to put the bitch to work, I think being the ball boy for the season will motivate the team in some weird way. I can't wait to clown him in practice like the rest of the squad."

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